Roasted Corn - Grau Nuts

Roasted Corn

Grau Nuts is a manufacturer specialized in the production of roasted corn kernels. In our processing line, we produce fried corn kernels, obtaining one of the best-seller snacks of the market.

We supply toasted corn kernels prepared for any commercial purpose, from big bulk formats for food manufacturers to small packaging fit for retailers. Our Spanish fried corn is a renowned product, worldwide popular.

Private Label Roasted Corn - Grau Nuts

Private Label Roasted Corn

Sell roasted corn under your own brand with Grau Nuts. We will guide you along the complete process of regulation compliance, definition of logistics and packaging design.

  • Bags from 10g to 5kg, pillow & stabilo
  • Barrier, metallic, PP bio films available
  • Custom boxes for your product packaging
Bulk Roasted Corn - Grau Nuts

Bulk Roasted Corn

Our company supplies Spanish roasted corn for all purposes. A product suitable for either corn import companies as well as food manufacturers.

  • In sacks: from 5kg to 25kg
  • Big-bags available
Grau Brand Roasted Corn - Grau Nuts

Grau Brand Roasted Corn

Already present in international markets for more than 40 years, Grau brand products are a perfect solution as ready-to-sell items for every market and customer profile.

  • Impulse range: from 10g to 100g
  • Retail range: from 150g to 350g
  • Familiar range: from 400g to 3kg
Roasted Corn in Plastic Buckets - Grau Nuts

Roasted Corn in Plastic Buckets

This packaging offers a flexible format that can be easily customized with your company brand label.

  • Small for retail: from 100g to 1kg
  • Big for HORECA: from 1kg to 5kg
Boxes for Roasted Corn - Grau Nuts

Boxes for Roasted Corn

We have developed for all commercial purposes a wide range of diverse carton formats adaptable to each market segment.

  • Display boxes: directly from pallets to shelves & corners
  • Design your custom box
Crunchy Roasted Corn - Grau Nuts

Crunchy Roasted Corn

This preparation of gives to the final product a soft roasted corn texture that makes it specially crunchy and more pleasant when eaten.

Roasted Corn Salted - Grau Nuts

Roasted Corn Salted

The base and most popular type of roasted corn kernels. Just a pinch of salt is added to the corn to intensify its natural flavour, without any other external additives.

Roasted Chili Corn - Grau Nuts

Roasted Chili Corn

Among the multiple options for flavouring roasted corn, spicy fried corn has a wide public. The chili flavour of corn always combines well with a fresh drink.

Roasted Corn Flavoured

Different flavours for roasted corn are also available, like barbecue roasted corn or cheese roasted corn (tex-mex). Contact with us for more information about all the flavours available.

Roasted Corn without Salt

It is also possible to prepare roasted corn alone, without any extra ingredient, not even salt. Roasted corn can be consumed directly this way or it can be used to add other custom flavouring, either at industrial scale or just at home.

Roasted Regular Corn - Grau Nuts

Roasted Regular Corn

This is the classic corn variety, regular in size and caliber. After roasting, the corn obtains its characteristic golden fried corn colour.

Roasted Giant Corn - Grau Nuts

Roasted Giant Corn

An special variety of corn, which is only produced in Peru. This corn is grown in high altitude, giving its peculiar bigger size.

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Grau Nuts - Freshly Made Nuts

Freshly Made Nuts

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2 Weeks Delivery

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Grau Nuts - 40 Years of Experience

40 Years of Experience

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Guaranteed Quality

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Global Network

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Flexible Logistics

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