Hazelnuts are a popular nut with high nutritional value. Small and round, their sweet flavor makes them the perfect snack or ingredient in desserts or chocolate spreads.
At Grau nuts, we produce and distribute bulk hazelnuts plus multiple packaging options, adapting to the needs of any client or market.

Types of Hazelnuts available

Shelled hazelnuts

Blanched hazelnuts

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At Grau nuts, we specialize in exporting, production and packaging hazelnuts, adapting to the needs of any market or end consumer.

As hazelnut suppliers, we have a comprehensive, flexible production line so we can offer multiple formats, including bulk hazelnuts or bagged and ready for sale.

We offer different product options: both shelled hazelnuts, that keep their fine skin, and peeled and shelled hazelnuts.

Health benefits of hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are a great source of fiber and minerals such as iron, phosphorous, calcium or magnesium. Here are some of the health benefits of hazelnuts:

They help to balance out good and bad cholesterol

Recommended during pregnancy and breast-feeding because of their high folic acid and vitamin B content

They are antioxidants

They prevent anemia

Our Commitment
to the Planet

In Grau nuts, we care for the planet. For this reason, we work daily towards sustainable local practices that help reduce our environmental footprint, including reducing our energy consumption through solar panels and seeking other ecological means for optimal production and delivery of our products.


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