R+D+i & Quality Certifications

In today’s fast-paced market, meeting consumer demands is paramount for success in the snack industry. At Grau, we understand the evolving preferences of consumers, who now seek diverse flavours, healthier options, and eco-friendly products. As explorers and innovators, we aim to satisfy these needs by crafting tailor-made solutions that prioritise quality and innovation.

Our strategy combines the agility of our team with the efficiency of a professional facility. This allows us to quickly adapt to changing trends and consumer preferences while maintaining the scale needed for production. With our curiosity and diligence, we design each product to strike the perfect balance between taste, nutrition, and sustainability.

Our lab is a centre of creativity where we collaborate to translate consumer and customer insights into groundbreaking products. Whether it’s introducing exciting flavours, improving nutritional profiles, or adopting eco-friendly materials, we’re committed to delivering quality snacks that exceed expectations and position our partners as market leaders.


Quality Certifications

At Grau, quality is our foremost priority. It’s a non-negotiable aspect of our commitment to excellence. We understand that ensuring top-notch quality is essential not only for meeting industry standards, but also for going above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We continuously monitor all our processes, from sourcing raw materials to packaging, to guarantee that every product bearing the Grau name reflects our unwavering dedication to quality.

Quality Certifications

System Certification
FSSC 22000 SGS

FSSC 22000 has been delivering impact on global food safety for over 12 years. The Scheme provides a certification model that can be used in the whole food supply chain to ensure food safety standards and processes. FSSC 22000 is GFSI a recognized standard and follows the food chain category description as defined in ISO/TS 22003.

FSSC accredited Certification Bodies use the Scheme documents to assess and audit the applicant organisation’s continuous compliance with the requirements of the FSSC 22000 Scheme. 

This way-of-working assures the performance of the food and feed safety management system within certified organisations.

Quality Certifications

V-Label International

V-Label is an internationally recognised, registered seal for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services established in Switzerland in 1996. It is a reliable, go-to shopping guide for consumers.

Around the world, more than 50,000 products from more than 4,300 licensees now carry V-Label, a seal of quality granted for vegan and vegetarian goods and services. This internationally recognized label is guiding customers across the globe to identify plant-based choices at a glance.

With half of the population considering themselves flexitarians in countries such as Germany, Spain or Poland, there is a diverse, fast-growing customer base looking for vegan and vegetarian products, for reasons ranging from health to ethics.

Tech Partners

INC International
Nut & Dried Fruit

The INC is the International source for information on nuts and dried fruits for Health, Nutrition, Food Safety, Statistics, Government Standards and Government regulations regarding trade barriers and trade quality standards. They promote the sustainable growth of nuts and dried fruit globally to improve consumption and benefit the businesses involved.

The INC guides the industry on sustainability and the circular economy, guaranteeing high quality standards and trading terms within the framework of existing national and international bodies, supporting the companies in the business that bring nuts & dried fruits to society.

They promote the research and global knowledge of the health benefits of nuts and dried fruits. They gather the industry together at international conventions and meetings to work together on pushing the industry further with mutual understanding and goodwill.


Our Commitment
to the Planet

In Grau, we care for the planet. For this reason, we work daily towards sustainable local practices that help reduce our environmental footprint, including reducing our energy consumption through solar panels, reducing water consumption and seeking new means for optimal production and delivery of our products.

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