Origin: SPAIN and EGYPT

Toasted broad beans are another of the products that we offer at GRAU nuts. Laminated broad beans that we toast until we get the flavorful and crunchy texture that characterizes them. Although it is common to call them fried beans, we prepare them by roasting them in our ovens without oil.These toasted broad bean snacks are available in multiple packaging formats, adaptable to any type of customer and market. At the GRAU nuts factory we have facilities and machinery specially designed for the production of roasted broad beans.

Source of Fibre

Source of Vitamin E

Source of Phosphorus

Source of Potassium

Types of roasted broad beans available

Regular Roasted Broad Beans

Baby Roasted Broad Beans

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Roasted Broad Beans Description

The roasted broad beans are available in two different sizes. Standard Size Roasted Broad Beans are the largest, and most common of the crispy, snack-type broad beans.
For their part, the smaller caliber roasted beans or the so-called baby beans have exactly the same flavor as the standard ones but are a little smaller. They are an option to offer lower and more competitive final prices for roasted broad beans.

Regular Roasted Broad Beans

Baby Roasted Broad Beans

Roasted Broad Beans preparations

We work on demand at Grau nuts, listening to your needs and customizing your products. Here are our most usual ways of preparing roasted broad beans:

Healthy benefits of Roasted Broad Beans

Here are some of their benefits:

Healthy fats

Rich in protein

Low in carbohydrates

They contain more fiber than any other nuts

They contain vitamin E and Vitamin B2

Rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorous

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Roasted Broad Beans

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