Grau Classics:
Takes you there.

We believe that every moment is an opportunity for greatness. Our Grau Classics line celebrates the essence of traditional flavours in an original packaging. We combine diligence with common sense to make every detail count. No flour, no frying and no funny ingredients you can’t pronounce. In Grau Classics, authenticity meets wellbeing. 

We are your snack sidekick. We power-up your daily journey with energy, taste and drive: we take you there.

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Roasted Corn

Our corn is a celebration of natural sweetness and nutty undertones. Sprinkled with a hint of sea salt, it’s a guilt-free delight.

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Try the rich and buttery goodness of our Cashews – a snacking sensation that combines exquisite flavour with wholesome delight.

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Their slightly sweet flavour is balanced with just the right amount of salt, making them a highly versatile snack.

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How do we work?

From our production plant in Artesa de Lleida we take care in detail of each phase of the

production of our nuts and seeds.

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