How we

do it?

Our process!


Quality products

Our production plant receives nuts and seeds from the world’s best suppliers, ensuring that we only work with top quality fresh produce.


Customized process

At GRAU nuts, our different production lines can meet any request: roasted nuts and seeds, salted, flavored and even customized items, product mixes, etc.



Much of our production is roasted in our own ovens at 180º to get the perfect finish. We don’t use oil at GRAU nuts to keep our products healthier, and we minimize our disposable waste.


Path to packing

After roasting, the products travel along our conveyor belts to the packing zone, passing through a cooling process. The packing machines weigh and pack the product according to the characteristics of each customer’s order.


Quality control and packing

Our quality control equipment supervises production and ensures that our customers only receive truly excellent products. Internal audits are held throughout the process to guarantee food security.


Ready for delivery

We offer a wide range of packing solutions for our products, be this in bulk or ready-to-sell bags. We adapt our logistics and packaging to any commercial or storage needs, and we deliver in just 2 weeks, thereby guaranteeing product freshness