Production Process

At Grau, excellence is not just a goal; it’s ingrained in every step of our production process. It’s not only about producing snacks; it’s about crafting an experience that delights our customers at every turn. From sourcing the best ingredients to delivering exceptional products, we prioritise quality, customisation, and efficiency. Here’s how we ensure that each snack that leaves our facility meets the highest standards

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Select Products

Our production plant receives nuts and seeds from the world’s best suppliers, ensuring that we only work with top-quality fresh produce. Guided by our inner explorer, we carefully select ingredients, striving for the right fit to create excellent and innovative snacks.


Tailor-made Process

At Grau, our different product lines can meet any request: roasted nuts and seeds, salted, unsalted, flavoured, product mixes and even customised creations. Driven by our inventive spirit, we embrace versatility and creativity, offering tailored solutions that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

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Oven Roasting

Our production is roasted in our ovens at the right temperature for a perfect finish. We don’t use oil to keep our products healthier and minimise our disposable waste. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, we pioneer healthier snack options without compromising on taste or quality.


Path to Packaging

After roasting, the products travel along our conveyor belts to the packaging stations, passing through a cooling process. Finally, our machines weigh and prepare the product according to the characteristics of each customer’s order. Each product undergoes a seamless journey from production to being readied for shipment.

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Quality Assurance

Our quality control equipment supervises production and ensures that our customers only receive excellent products. In addition, internal audits are held throughout the process to guarantee traceability, legal compliance and food security.


Ready for Delivery

On demand roasting and packing to guarantee product freshness on delivery. We offer a wide range of packing solutions for our products in bulk or ready-to-sell bags. We adapt our logistics and packaging to any commercial or storage needs.


Innovation and Tradition, Hand in Hand

While our roots are steeped in tradition, we embrace innovation at every stage of our process. From customizing products to meet unique demands to refining our techniques for optimal roasting, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver excellence. As we keep exploring, we keep improving. We always strive for the right fit.

B2B Solutions

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