Origin: USA and SPAIN

At Grau, we craft seeds with high standards and inventive innovation. We supply seeds in a wide array of formats: whole, in their shells, peeled, roasted, roasted and salted. We also create specialties such as barbecue flavoured sunflower seeds or blanched pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin Seeds

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Sunflower Seeds

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Types of Seeds

Our catalogue features two types of seeds: sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Our different production and packaging lines let us offer both of these varieties in bulk, for wholesale and private label.

Benefits of Seeds

Seeds have become essential to the most balanced diets because of their multiple nutritional benefits. They are a wonderful snack and they can also be mixed with other nuts or tossed in salads, yoghurt, and more. Here are just some of the health benefits that seeds bring to our diet:

  • A great source of energy.
  • A source of protein. 
  • A source of vitamins and minerals.

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We are obsessed with selecting only the best nuts. They are the perfect ingredient for snacks, cereal bars, granola, mixed nuts, butters or creams.


We offer a wide choice of snacks with the variety and flexibility that satisfies every need.

How do we work?

From our production plant in Artesa de Lleida we take care in detail of each phase of the production of our nuts and seeds.

B2B Solutions

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