About Our Company

We are a family company passionate about plant-based snacks, especially nuts and seeds. We are committed to providing carefully sourced and crafted products, open to exploring new flavours and combinations and accompanying our customers in their daily journeys. We seek a balance between developing best-in-class products and operating in economies of scale. 

For more than 40 years, we have been selecting, roasting, and selling our nuts to our customers and consumers. We pack our products in different formats, adapted to different needs and occasions. We guarantee high quality and personal service to those purchasing our plant-based snacks. Our roasting and packing processes are 100% customisable, adapting to each customer’s specific needs, legislation, country, and market.

Our factory is located in Artesa de Lleida, Catalonia, Spain, in a peaceful setting surrounded by fields of nectarines. As an environmentally-friendly company, our main commitments are to reduce our water consumption and use renewable energy from our own solar panels. We operate efficiently with a response capacity focused on offering better service to our customers while respecting the factory’s surroundings.

We have offices in Madrid and Barcelona. These are strategic cities that improve our international relations and bring us closer to our customers. We work with an extensive network of logistics agents and international transport companies, exporting our delicious snacks to more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe. We are currently working on expanding internationally to deliver our high-quality products to more places around the world. In Grau, we keep exploring and keep improving.


History & Tradition

GRAU nuts is a family business created in 1979. We specialize in processing and manufacturing nuts, seeds, and snacks. Our 100% natural products boast health-boosting benefits.

We have our sights set on the future. That is why we strive daily to offer the best quality of nuts and seeds through sustainable, careful, and planet-friendly production processes.

Our Mission

We explore and innovate to contribute to a better life through better snacks.

Our Vision

We strive to bring nature’s gifts to your day to day.

Our Values

Service-oriented: Our customers come first.

Attention to detail: Commitment to quality .

Adaptability: Custom-made snacks to fit your needs.

Passion: We love our craft.

Transparency: Straightforward and candid communication.

Where to Find Us


Carretera L-702 km 5,7 25150

Artesa de Lleida (SPAIN)

E. grau@graunuts.com

T. +34 973 167 615


Calle Rafael Calvo 30, Ofic. 1A

28010 Madrid


Calle de Mallorca 103, Factory 103

08029 Barcelona

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