Packaging Types

Grau nuts can offer you various packing solutions and logistics delivery formats for nuts sold in bulk and ready-to-sell products. Furthermore, we can quickly adapt to your market’s specific needs. If you can’t find the format you need, get in touch, and we’ll customize a solution for you.


Simple Film Bags

The traditional pillow film bags, which can be transparent, with a sticker or include a printed design. This is an economical format that ensures a good preservation of the product.
  • Product sizes from 10g to 5kg
  • Barrier & PP bio films available

Advanced Film Bags

If you wish to present a more sophisticated product, we have solutions to upgrade the image of your articles by using film bags with variations with a visual impact.

  • Bag variations: flat bottom, seamed-on-sides & eurohole
  • Advanced films: metallic & textured
  • Doypacks with zip lock

Plastic Buckets

Al flexible packaging solution which can be customized with your company brand label.

  • Small for retail: from 100g to 1kg
  • Big for HORECA: from 1kg to 5kg

Check Out Product

The smallest bags with a low final price for end customers. Take advantage of the reduced cost of nuts, like sunflower seeds or roasted corn, to offer attractive discounts for impulse purchases. Our packaging is adapted for shelves and wholesaling.
  • Product sizes starting from 10g
  • Customizable packaging

Intermediate Range

Middle-sized bags for individual or shared consumption. These items are suitable for all. We offer the possibility of customizing the size of bags, so you can obtain the final price desired for each item.
  • Product sizes between 150g and 250g
  • Multiple bags and boxes available

Family Size Products

The largest articles, with the best price per kilogram ratio. We have an extended range of articles in family for all kinds of nuts, bag formats as well as box sizes.
  • Large bags from 350g to 5kg
  • Custom packaging options

B2B Large Formats
(Big Bags In Bulk)

  • 1000kg (1 Ton)/Big Bag


Regular Cardboard Box

Classic square boxes that offer an optimal utilization of space and have a low cost. Made of recyclable materials.

  • 3-25 kg/box
  • 24-140 box/pallet

Display Cardboard Box

Boxes specially designed for supermarkets and other shops, which can be placed directly on shelves with a minimal manual effort. We offer two different options:

  • 1,5-5 kg/box
  • 80-150 box/pallet

Display Big-Box Cardboard

A specific format of big boxes to place from pallets to corners and corridors in stores and supermarkets.

  • 50 kg/ display box
  • 4-8 display boxes/pallet

B2B Solutions

Contact us for a customized
product or packaging