At Grau nuts, we offer a wide choice of snacks with various types available to suit everyone.

Types of snacks

We supply snacks of the highest quality. Roasted corn kernels are the most demanded product in our catalogue. Its versatility and flavor make roasted corn one of the favorite snacks to eat at any time of the day.

For palates that like to try new flavors, we offer our Japanese Snacks. In addition, we also have two of the most beloved legumes by snack lovers, such as chickpeas and roasted broad beans. And for lovers of dried fruits, we offer different mixed nuts, such as our Tropical Mixed Nuts, a mixture of nuts with dried fruits such as papaya, coconut and pineapple, and the Gourmet Mix, a combination of our best roasted and salted dried fruits.

Benefits of snacks

Nuts, legumes, or even cereal snacks are perfect for eating between meals since, unlike ultra-processed foods, they are tasty and healthy. This includes our Gourmet Mix dried fruit mix with almonds, cashews, pistachios, and hazelnuts. In addition to being very tasty, our snacks provide protein, fiber, and healthy fats.