Roasted Broad Beans - Grau Nuts

Roasted Broad Beans

Another of the nuts Grau Nuts works with is fried broad beans. Sliced broad beans are roasted, giving to the product a crunchy and tasty texture that characterizes this product.

Broad beans snack are offered in multiple packaging formats, suitable to all profiles of customers and markets. Grau Nuts is a manufacturer of roasted fava beans with specifically dedicated machinery for the production of this item.

Private Label beans Seeds - Grau Nuts

Private Label Roasted Broad Beans

With Grau Nuts, you can start selling fava bean snack with your own brand. We offer a complete guidance, comprising all the steps for developing new articles with custom packaging as well as assistance in regulation compliance.

  • Bags from 10g to 5kg, pillow & stabilo
  • Barrier, metallic, PP bio films available
  • Custom boxes for your product packaging
Bulk beans Seeds - Grau Nuts

Bulk Roasted Broad Beans

Roasted fava beans bulk are available as well for food manufacturers and wholesalers. We can adjust the packaging of the bulk broad beans in order to ease logistic operations.

  • In sacks: from 5kg to 25kg
  • Big-bags available
Grau Brand beans Seeds - Grau Nuts

Grau Brand Roasted Broad Beans

Use our Grau brand packaging for broad bean crisps to gain direct access to your markets without any extra investment. Our brand has been in the international markets for more than 30 years already.

  • Impulse range: from 10g to 100g
  • Retail range: from 150g to 350g
  • Familiar range: from 400g to 3kg
beans Seeds in Plastic Buckets - Grau Nuts

Roasted Broad Beans in Plastic Buckets

A flexible packaging solution which can be customized with your company brand label.

  • Small for retail: from 100g to 1kg
  • Big for HORECA: from 1kg to 5kg
Boxes for beans Seeds - Grau Nuts

Boxes for Roasted Broad Beans

We have available a wide range of different carton formats that can be adapted for any commercial purpose.

  • Display boxes: directly from pallets to shelves & corners
  • Design your custom box
Regular Roasted Broad Beans - Grau Nuts

Regular Roasted Broad Beans

Fried fava beans are available in two different sizes. The regular caliber of broad beans is the biggest available and it is the most common size of crispy broad beans.

Baby Roasted Broad Beans

The small caliber of fried beans seeds is called baby broad beans and it has the same taste than regular roasted broad beans but only a smaller size. This also makes possible lowering the final price of roasted broad beans.

Salted Roasted Broad Beans - Grau Nuts

Salted Roasted Broad Beans

The standard preparation of roasted fava beans, which have a pinch of salt added to make them more tasty. Crunchy fava beans are the bestseller broad beans item.

Chili Roasted Broad Beans - Grau Nuts

Chili Roasted Broad Beans

An alternative flavour for roasted broad beans is chili. This flavouring with its typical spicy touch is another classic preparation for roasted broad beans.

Roasted Broad Beans without Flavouring

Only roasted broad beans, without any other additive. With roasted fava beans bulk it is possible for food manufacturers prepare their own flavouring formulas by addting any other igredient of their interest.

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